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A Social Media Roundup for the New Year

With the new year looming, we thought we’d provide you with a roundup of what’s been happening in the world of social media. There’s lots of Christmas related campaign news (obviously!), but we’ve also gathered the biggest trends from Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat and more. Enjoy…

John Lewis ad becomes the brand’s most shared EVER

Yep, it’s that time of year… the John Lewis advert is on our screens every 2 minutes. And even though many have complained of being slightly underwhelmed by the advert compared to previous years, it has still successfully managed to be the brand’s most shared ad EVER on social media with almost 2m shares. Well done John Lewis…

A Bournemouth University student won the internet with his John Lewis spoof

An 18-year-old Bournemouth University student won over the hearts of social media users when he uploaded his attempt of a John Lewis Christmas ad. The advert was created for a college project, but since being uploaded in June it has reached almost a million plays! We’ve always said Bournemouth’s got talent!

Bye bye Vine!

One huge piece of social media news this year has been the closure of the social media channel Vine. The video posting app closed in October due to profitability worries and being overseen by Snapchat. We’re sad to see some of the hilarious videos go, so long Vine!

The rise of the live video

As we say goodbye to one video social platform, we have welcomed the birth of a new video tool… the live video. Although Facebook actually introduced the live streaming tool at the end of 2015, it wasn’t until this year that it really took off. Not only has it proven extremely useful in generating business for brands, but it has also been extremely insightful, in both positive and negative ways! (Remember the woman who filmed her boyfriend getting shot… yikes)

Instagram copies Snapchat…

How could we forget? Earlier this year, Instagram introduced ‘Instagram Stories.’ The new feature, that allows you to share photos or videos with your followers that disappear after 24 hours, was criticised when it was initially introduced for being too similar to Snapchat. But who cares now? Instagram Stories is bigger than ever, developing features like incorporating Boomerang into Stories and everyone LOVES it. We’ve heard through the grapevine that Instagram Live Streaming is coming next…

Snapchat adds the memories feature

Just when we thought we’d figured out the ins and outs of Snapchat, they decided to go one-up on Instagram and create a new memories feature. This feature allows users to save their snaps and stories, as well as search for them in order to find a specific memory (it even lets you lock memories for your eyes only!) We are impressed, Snapchat… we love the memories feature!

Tinder updates its gender options

A big piece of news for many, Tinder has updated its gender options so that it is no longer limited to male or female. Tinder users do not have to show a gender on their profile, but if they wish to, they can now choose between 37 different gender types. We’re all for #AllTypesAllSwipes, well done Tinder!

Facebook goes 360!

Facebook was one step ahead yet again at the start of this year when it introduced 360 photos and videos. By mid-2016 social media users went crazy for the 360 feature, with Facebook making it easier than ever for the general public to create awesome 360 videos and pictures. We can’t say well done to Facebook again, surely?!

And of course, possibly the biggest trend of 2016… #MannequinChallenge

What better trend to end our roundup on other than the Mannequin Challenge. A perfect example of how social media campaigns can go viral so quickly, the Mannequin Challenge saw celebrities and non-celebrities alike standing completely still in the name of social media. Although there was no good deed at the root of this campaign (unlike the #FirstFiver campaign where people posted their £5 notes on Facebook to donate to charity) it was rather fun to watch…

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