About Us

Specialist UK social marketing agency based in Bournemouth and London

Inferno Media is a social media marketing agency, built by a team of dynamic social media enthusiasts who have grown up in the digital era. We create powerful connections between brands and consumers through the use of cutting-edge tools and effective online processes. From social media management and development to campaign marketing, Inferno Media create social conversations that drive your brand across the online landscape.

Specialist social media for business

Our social media services can be directly tailored to your business’ target market, whether this is to those contiguous to your geographic area, or relevant potential customers further afield. Our skills and Social Media software programmes are not bound by location, meaning that your products and services can travel across a worldwide scale as well as an immediate one, depending on your target market. Through the understanding of both geographical markets, we can create a mass movement forward in your brand’s visibility and have the skills, expertise and vivacious online insights to create a social media revolution for your business.

Highly trained in house social media experts

Our social marketing team are highly trained in building and nurturing relationships with consumers. We employ highly personal communication tools such as Facebook and Twitter to strategically grow your brand across a range of demographics. We understand the continually changing algorithms of social media platforms and can therefore place your brand in the optimum online position. Our passion for the online market drives us to strive for the highest volume of results and enquiries, leading your company to see the genuine benefits of commercial social media marketing.

Face to Face social media marketing services

Despite a vast amount of our daily tasks involving online work, such as high quality content creation and targeted network building, we offer a face-to-face service and pride ourselves on our close relationships with clients. Appropriate and effective social media management cannot be achieved without a personal experience of a brand’s products or services, and thus it is imperative for both ourselves and our clients to build a relationship and embody your company’s personality and ethos beyond the online world.

Providing complete social media marketing services

We at Inferno Media will always be entirely transparent with our clients. Our team produce clear, understandable growth reports from software programmes which will be made available to you on a regular basis. We also collate all enquiries and positive feedback sent to your social accounts, so that you will always be in a position of knowledge as far as our progress is concerned.

Personal social media consultant

To maintain such a high level of communication between Inferno and our clients, you will be assigned a designated Social Media Manager who will maintain and develop your profiles and be your first port of call should you have any queries or suggestions. Each of our Social Media Managers has extensive experience in content creation, digital media and the marketing industry, and therefore can act as a guide to aid you in the understanding of our services and their benefits.

The right choice in social media agencies

Through our experience in viral social media marketing and the production of engaging posts for your customers, as well as your personal concept, branding and ideas, Inferno Media can take your business through the digital stratosphere and maintain a consistently unforgettable presence across crucial social media platforms.

Our social media experts are on hand and ready to help. From launching creative Social Media campaigns to growing and engaging with your online community, we’ve got it covered.