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BOSS:Talks with Inferno Media MD Mitchell

Inferno Media MD Mitchell recently sat down with the folks over at BOSS:Talks, a podcast series where the next generation of aspiring leaders meet and interview the bosses, chairmen and women, and CEO’s responsible for running businesses in a wide variety of sectors.

Year 10 students from Magna Academy in Poole spoke with Mitchell about all things business and social media in the six-minute-long podcast, grilling him on the ins-and-outs of the industry.

As social media is such a new industry that is still growing and learning each day, it can sometimes be challenging to comprehend what exactly social media specialists, such as ourselves, actually do day-to-day and how we’ve ended up working in this exciting new sector. The students were keen to find out what, exactly, a top-notch social media marketing agency does – and were impressed by the wide range of clients and platforms we manage here at Inferno.

They were also eager to find out the best way to go about getting into the social media sector after leaving school or college. Mitchell’s advice? Study courses such as English and Photography/Videography to gain a better understanding of the written and visual elements that make up so much of what we do in social media. Media Studies is also incredibly beneficial to study, as understanding how media and digital technology influence consumers’ day-to-day lives helps us to better tailor messages to ensure we’re targeting the right users in the right way.

Experimenting with setting up your own social media accounts and learning the best types of content to post through trial and error is also a fantastic way to get to grips with strategic social media marketing. Trialling free social listening tools on your own accounts builds an initial understanding of how to monitor online conversations, and is a brilliant hands-on learning approach to social media marketing.

Mitchell left the BOSS:TALKS team with his three-word summary of what the ideal Inferno social media manager should be like: creative, enthusiastic, and driven

If you think you’ve got the creativity, enthusiasm, and drive that we’re looking for here at Inferno Media, check out our careers page.

Listen to the full BOSS:Talks episode below:

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