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Business to Business Social Media Marketing

Social media is not only a fantastic platform on which to represent your own business and interact with customers, but is an important way to both discover and reach out to other companies.

If your brand offers a more B2B approach, social media marketing can aid you to contact and converse with businesses in a way less associated with the cold call.

Networking in a manner that is personal reiterates the same principle of people buying into other people as opposed to businesses, and there is no form of marketing more immediate and individual than through social media.

As a company working on the premise of B2B in the first place, Inferno Media have unparalleled skills in this area of digital advertisement.


Through an assessment of your own company’s target demographic – whether this is a particular industry or sector, groups of independent businesses or large corporations – we can identify precisely who can be accessed through mediums like Twitter and Facebook, and create a marketing strategy accordingly.

Making the initial contact when approaching a fellow business can make or break a working relationship, but Inferno Media are well-versed in ensuring that your B2B relationships are as successful as they possibly can be.

The power of social media marketing also lies in its ability to transgress physical boundaries. If you are a B2B company looking to expand outside of your immediate local area, we can help you to reach out to potential customers nationwide or even globally. If your service or product is applicable to any area but you find yourself feeling restricted by where you’re based, look no further.

Social media knows no bounds.

  • Being a B2B company ourselves, we have the experience and expertise in how to market your brand to other companies
  • Creating and nurturing relationships with other companies
  • Identifying your target demographic and reaching out to new companies
  • Expand further than your immediate demographic
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