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Camera Rolling in 3,2,1… We are Live, People!

With the rise of apps such as Periscope, Meerkat and Snapchat, Facebook have joined the hottest concept to social media at the touch of a button. The launch of Live joins platforms as mentioned, making Facebook the latest video destination. However, there is a but… The service is only available to celebrities such as actors, musicians and public figures.

How does it work?

The social media giant has enabled fans to watch their favourite celebrities live (if they are streaming) which is displayed on their news feed. But have no fear; if you miss the live streaming, the video is then posted on their page, available to watch at any time. Users are able to connect with celebrities by liking, commenting and sharing the live stream, but, as of now, this is the only thing we will be able to take part in.

Have Facebook made a mistake by only making the Live feature available a gated community of celebrities?

Our guess is that instead of letting every man/women and their dog broadcast their live updates of which shade of blue they decided to paint the bathroom, or the new trick they taught their dog this morning, Facebook have limited the feature to celebrities or public figures to keep a sense of exclusivity (also a great way to keep content under control). The live feature allows celebrities to share behind the scene videos, Q & A’s, and to share announcements directly to their fans, live.

The only downfall to the release of the app is that we cannot take part, yet.

Check out some well-known figures such as “The Rock”, Ricky Gervais, Serena Williams, Ashley Tisdale and Michael Bublé who have already got their hands on the latest feature and have started streaming!

It is only a matter of time before Facebook will unleash the service for normal users, surely. We will be waiting in anticipation Facebook.   

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