Viral Trends

New Year's 2017

09 Dec A Social Media Roundup for the New Year

With the new year looming, we thought we’d provide you with a roundup of what’s been happening in the world of social media. There’s lots of Christmas related campaign news (obviously!), but we’ve also gathered the biggest trends from Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat and more. Enjoy…John Lewis ad becomes the brand’s most shared EVERYep, it’s that time of year… the...

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Christmas at Inferno Media

09 Dec The 12 Days of Social Media

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d create some fun festive content for our readers to enjoy. We’ve created the wackiest, funniest (but perhaps truest) 12 days of Christmas - but in true social media style of course!Enjoy, and Merry Christmas from all of the team here at Inferno Media!On the first day of Christmas my newsfeed...

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Woman eating fruits dessert with iPhone 4s in hands

03 Feb Social Media: Can You Scroll Your Way To A Healthier You?

It’s proven we’re now a society more likely to go online to check our symptoms as opposed to turning to our doctors, with an American study indicating that at least a third of adults access health information through social media.Social networks can now have a huge impact on our individual health, with trends such as #fitspo, food bloggers and fitness...

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26 Jan Who Wants To “Be Like Bill”?

If you’re a regular user of social media, you’ve probably come across the latest meme obsession “Be Like Bill”. This stick figure, most often seen in a wooly hat (we don’t understand either), serves as a reminder of just how obnoxious our social media practices truly are. Bill’s sermon is to try and be more like him, stop inviting people...

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