Channel Management

The ability to tailor what we say and how we say it so that it is consistent with your brand and reaches your ideal target market.

We believe for social media success, two things are essential: what we say, and who we say it to. We pride ourselves on creating innovative content and delivering it to your target market whilst maintaining a digital presence consistent with your brand.

Though any member of your team can post on social media, we have the skill set to make your content stand out. Our team consists of talented individuals possessing English, Photography and Graphic Design degrees, enabling us to carefully curate your posts. We achieve harmony between embodying your company’s personality, using engaging images/graphics, and the correct spelling and grammar to maintain professionalism. We work collaboratively ensuring your social media presence is as highly optimised as possible.

Through the inception or expansion of your social media, we raise your profile outside of your immediate area, targeting appropriate customers nation or even worldwide. The purpose of channel management is generating conversations around your business, showcasing your products or services in the best light. Engaging posts are created to encourage visitors to get in contact, and by using personalised social media platforms and communication tools we create a relationship between your customers and yourselves, placing you in their optimum standards.

An essential element of our service is community management, ensuring every notification received is acknowledged and actioned. Interacting with those who have taken the time to engage with your social is crucial to build and nurture great customer relationships.

Rather than focusing on your services alone, we strive to make your social media profiles an exciting experience. Our content regularly focuses on national holidays and events, relating your business to wide-scale concepts connecting you with every element of the online world. Ensuring your business is on top of anything in the popular eye, we create a subconscious omnipresence, meaning when a customer needs a service within your industry, they think of you. It’s particularly effective for companies whose services aren’t needed on a repeat basis, they may not need your service when they make the digital connection with you, but when they do need these solutions, they’ll choose your brand after months of subliminal marketing. This is why the maintenance of an online presence is critical.

Our social media experts are on hand and ready to help. From launching creative Social Media campaigns to growing and engaging with your online community, we’ve got it covered.