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Custom Content – A Necessity?

Marketing is a constant source of change and development for any business to capitalise on – therefore keeping up to date and rolling with the times is essential. However, staying ahead of the rest doesn’t necessarily mean flooding consumers with advertisements – 80% of decision makers prefer content to advertising.

Here are a couple facts about custom content that prove how vital it is:

-61% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that create custom content.

-50% of online consumer time is spent engaging with custom content.

The difference between advertising and well considered content marketing is clear – advertising encourages a ‘quick-sale’, which used to be effective before the introduction of social media, nowadays content marketing has taken over – customers engage in custom content to determine the quality and specific details of a product or service prior to purchasing.

Therefore, custom content on social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube allows the consumer to be provided with an insight into the quality of the product/service through pictures, videos, demos or arguably the most influential, reviews. In this sense, social media and content marketing are intertwined – because they both involve building relationships, where advertising is targeting the lowest common denominator, custom content can provide a more personalised, less in-your-face attitude which is much more attractive to any customer.

-46.3% more social shares are seen on blog titles that feature question marks than those without punctuation.

-60 is the optimal character number for blog titles shared on social media.

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