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Facebook Blocks Ad Blockers From Its Website

Facebook Ads

The creators over at Facebook HQ have decided to stop people from using ad blocking technology on the site, as part of a move to prevent revenue being funneled away from the free service.

Due to start immediately, the social media network has made the code behind its adverts indistinguishable from that of users’ content so that the paid posts will slip past ad blocking tools.

Facebook has also announced an improvement to the way adverts work on its platform. In a bid to try and make it easier for users to see the ads they want, Facebook will ask users what companies, people and interests they would like to be shown.

The social media channel hopes that by putting an end to unwanted ads, and replacing them with useful and wanted ads, users will begin to appreciate advertisements more and be less inclined to use ad blockers.

According to The Telegraph, this change by Facebook was driven by research that found its users care more about whether an advert is disruptive rather than if it represents an invasion of their privacy. The marketers of the social media platform hope that users will find faster-loading, targeted adverts preferable to ad blockers.

The social media change will mainly affect people who use the web version of Facebook. This is because around a third of computers and laptops in the UK are estimated to have ad blockers installed, whereas mobiles and tablets do not use ad blocker software.

To change your advert preferences, such as selecting specific interests and people, visit this page. We suggest doing so, as the change will give users more control over how their data informs the ads they see. Basically, you will begin to see less of the annoying, irrelevant ads you hate!

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