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Ensuring you’re kept up to date with social media reporting

At Inferno Media we understand the importance of reporting back to our clients. Although we’re the specialists, we like to keep you involved with all aspects of your social media campaign, and will regularly report back to you on your Facebook page statistics.

With Facebook being a vital aspect of many of our clients’ social media campaigns, it’s essential our social media reports reflect the positive and detailed progress we’ve instilled in your Facebook page. We’re able to report back to you on the progress of your Facebook campaign as a whole, and also on individual aspects that might be of particular prevalence to your company. We’re also able to provide you with Facebook Ads reporting to show how your paid advertising is progressing, consulting any changes that might benefit your company by maximising return on investment.

Experts in Facebook page analysis and reporting

A key element of our social media reporting when it comes to Facebook is our ability to demonstrate the amount of ‘likes’ and ‘unlikes’ your company’s page has over a period of time. Using Facebook analytics tools we are able to show you the specific dates users have liked and unliked your page, which can be beneficial to showcase which content is getting you the best engagement, and simultaneously which content your users might be less keen on.

When it comes to social media reporting, particularly on Facebook, we can show you the amount of engagement that comes from each individual post. This will help demonstrate how much reach your post is getting, both organic and paid, and this can then be compared to the amount of people who are interacting with each individual item.

Delivering highly specified Facebook metrics

We’re also able to explain to you the specific demographic your Facebook page has which can, in turn, help us produce content to target them. We can understand the gender-split in your Facebook fans, as well as the age ranges and locations of users. We’re also able to monitor your impressions day-by-day to see which is the most prolific day for your social media platforms, which can aid us when it comes to launching specific campaigns, creating maximum impact for your channels.

Facebook ads reporting

We are able to report back to you regarding paid social advertising on Facebook, letting you know what works best and potential areas for future progression. By calculating the cost per like we are able to see the effectiveness of your company’s paid page promotion, and can thus edit the interests and catchment area of your desired audience in order to provide you with maximum return on investment.

Ensuring clients are relaxed about their Facebook campaigns

We understand how essential it is for our clients to be kept up to date with their social media progress and we take reporting back to them very seriously. We always make sure our reports are user-friendly and not bogged down with unnecessary information and technical jargon. Sent monthly to clients, we also offer the opportunity to meet with us to go through these in detail taking on board any suggestions and progressing your campaigns for the future.

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