How long does it take to start my social media marketing?

Here at Inferno Media, we don’t waste time. We know that your business moves quickly, and so does social media, so the moment we have the green light from you to commence, we’ll start posting across your chosen social platforms immediately. Our clients have seen rapid growth within days of us beginning to work with them, and the content posted from your profiles will become more engaging overnight, leading to instant social media marketing progress.

What do I need to do?

Once you’ve provided us with your login information for any current social media profiles, have provided us with a brief and have discussed with us your objectives for social media marketing, you can choose the level of communication you wish to pursue. Our team of social media specialists are available around the clock, whether you decide to send information to us daily, have weekly meetings or less regular reviews on your social media progress.

Can I get involved with posting content too?

We can include you every step of the way. If there is something specific you would like us to post on your behalf across your social media profiles or would rather post content yourself on the odd occasion, we can collaborate in the manner most productive for your business’ social media presence.

What social media platforms do you manage?

We offer social media management across a wide range of platforms and tailor which ones we use based on which we feel will be most profitable for your company. Twitter and Facebook are the largest and often most effective platforms to use in terms of seeing a strong ROI, however platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest can be managed by our team of social media experts should we feel that your brand would benefit from the use of them.

I don’t have any social media profiles, can you create them?

We can create profiles for you on all of your chosen social media platforms and make your online presence unforgettable from day one of our work together.

What if I already have social media profiles?

Great! We can use your existing social media following – however big or small – and build upon what is already there to get things rolling. Our content gives the opportunity to revive your social community’s interest in your brand as well as creating new digital fans.

Do you offer web design or SEO?

We specialise solely in social media marketing, however we work closely with a company that can provide you with other web-based services such as web design and SEO.

Why don’t you provide other digital services such as web design or SEO?

Inferno Media pride ourselves on perfecting the niche. By focusing all of our efforts on one fantastic service, you can be safe in the knowledge that your social media is always the sole holder of our attention.

Our social media experts are on hand and ready to help. From launching creative Social Media campaigns to growing and engaging with your online community, we’ve got it covered.