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Inferno Media is a local agency specialising solely in social media marketing for both B2B and B2C businesses in the Hampshire region. We work with a number of different industries, including hospitality, defence, retail, estate agency amongst many others.

Our offices are based in Bournemouth, Dorset and Shoreditch, London. However, due to our close proximity to the Hampshire region, we are able to easily span our services to businesses in areas such as Ringwood, New Forest, Southampton and Winchester.

Social Media Marketing for Hampshire Business

We believe it’s extremely important to meet with our clients on a regular basis to discuss goals and reports, and with Hampshire being only a short drive away, this is easily accessible. We’ll be driving to you in our funky company car, of course!

Here at Inferno Media we pride ourselves on being able to successfully grow powerful social media profiles, and we offer industry-leading services that many other social media marketing agencies in the Hampshire area have not yet grasped.

The wide range of marketing services we provide to Hampshire businesses spans from launching powerful social media campaigns and producing engaging content to professionally engaging with a client’s online community.

As a knowledgeable team of social media gurus who have been brought up in the digital era, we are able to successfully build and grow social accounts across a range of platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

Another social media marketing service we offer, which we believe is incredibly important to our unique social strategy, is social media reporting. We send auto-generated reports to clients on a weekly basis, as well as an exhaustive monthly report which includes an in-depth analysis and an executive summary.

Why Choose Us as Your Social Media Agency?

From our years of experience we have found that many of our Hampshire based clients did not understand the benefit of working with a social media marketing agency like Inferno Media. “Aren’t social media marketing agencies only useful for big London companies?” they’d ask.

Social media services are important to companies of any size and in any location. In fact, companies in locations such as Hampshire need to utilise the power of social media even more than those in the larger cities in order to really get their brand out there and compete with the big dogs.

Of course, anyone can post on social media, but it’s about the way in which that post is created and how it goes out. For a social post to be successful, it not only needs to include awesome content but it also needs to be published at the right time and targeted to the right audience.

We have extensive experience in social media targeting, meaning we can directly target your Hampshire business’ content to the right target market. For example, using back-end technology we are able to target local business owners between the ages of 20-45 in the loca area who have a similar interest to your company.

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If you work in Hampshire and are looking for a social media saviour, contact one of our social media experts today. Let us show you how our marketing expertise can help accelerate your business on 01202 558520, or alternatively you can click here.

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