Handling social media enquiries

Using Social media for it’s customer support capabilities

One of the most vital elements of your business’ social media profiles is the ability for customers to engage with you instantly, and your ability to be able to reply to them directly and efficiently. At Inferno Media we take pride in making sure your customers are responded to in a tone of voice that embodies your brand, responding directly to their enquiries in an engaging and timely manner.

Social media customer service best practices

Most of our clients like us to respond to customer enquiries as quickly as possible. One of the ways in which we are able to do so is by responding to the potential customers with a point of contact within your business for them to direct their questions to, making sure all potential leads go directly to you and are unmissed. This is sometimes preferred by those clients we take on whose enquiries may be of a more technical nature that require professional answers or advice from someone working within the company.

Using Inferno as a social help desk

The second way in which we can deal with incoming enquiries on your social media profiles is to take a more hands-on approach. We will take the customer’s comment and then contact you directly, advising you we have had an enquiry through your social media platforms, confirming which way you wish us to respond. We will then get in touch directly with the potential customer and inform them of the outcome of their query.

This often works well for clients that are short on time and would like someone to take over the potentially time-consuming element of interacting with customers’ enquiries. A great example of this is to take us managing a restaurant’s social media profiles. Should a customer enquire about booking a table, we can then call the venue directly and book the table in for them, then respond to the customer to advise the booking is complete, cutting out the stages of our client having to deal with the customer directly.

Inferno Media are happy to help with your customer care strategy

At Inferno Media we are committed to making sure your customer enquiries are dealt with professionally. Social media can often be the first point of contact a customer makes with your business so we dedicate ourselves to making sure it’s a positive and memorable experience. After all, first impressions are everything!

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