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Inferno Media Included in For The Record!

IMG_6932Not too long ago we let you all in on our little secret of being included in the For The Record book (OK – maybe not so little, we did shout about it a bit). Yet for many of you, this probably didn’t mean too much as you didn’t really know what this book was all about. So we felt it was only right to create this snazzy blog post for you all to tell you more about the book, how it was made and our two page spread within it! Enjoy…

For The Record started off as one student’s major final project idea. Bournemouth Uni student, Leanne Kent, sat in a coffee shop and spoke with Think Create Do (awesome creative guys) about producing a book to showcase some of Bournemouth’s best creative agencies. The university project soon bloomed into one fantastic, slick book, complete with a personalised vinyl record on the cover.

The contents of the book represent all of Leanne’s hard work; talking to and writing about Bournemouth’s top creative agencies and what makes them tick. We know this from first-hand experience, as Leanne asked us all of these questions: what makes Inferno work? What value does Inferno bring to their clients? What type of culture does Inferno have? And we were ecstatic to answer them all.


Of course, the book would not have been mastered without the guys at Think Create Do; an independent consultancy that uses insight, experience and expertise to create real, profitable change for their clients. Like many of the highly-successful agencies in Bournemouth, Leanne and TCD have used the simple yet brilliant act of collaboration to create a book that really does celebrate the creativity bursting in and around Bournemouth. And we couldn’t be prouder – not only proud to be included in this wonderful book but also to be located in an area with so much creative energy and talent.

If you turn to page 30 of the book, you’ll find us! Featured across a two page spread, our lovely Managing Director Mitchell Stuart chats with Leanne about all things social. Topics of conversation include what Inferno do, Mitchell’s opinion on the ever-growing industry and more! (We don’t want to give too much away – we’d love for you to read it yourselves!)

On page 64 you’ll be able to read about the talent behind all of the photographs within the book – Angela Vincent. Both the photography and design work within the book look fantastic, and we just want to say a huge well done to everyone involved – good job guys.

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