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Inferno Media Successfully Claims Number 1 Spot on Google Rankings

Inferno Media successfully claims Number 1 spot on Google rankings for ‘Social Media Bournemouth’

One of Inferno Media’s Top Goals of 2015 has been to achieve the number one search result on Google for ‘Social Media Bournemouth’ – and it has been done!

With strong drive for success, Inferno Media’s team – led by Mitchell Stuart – have been determined to push up through Google’s search result and rise to the top. This has capped off a strong month for Inferno Media – after Mitchell Stuart won Rock Star’s Young Entrepreneur Award – this hand in hand with their increased position on Google, has motivated the whole team by showing that perseverance and unfaltering dedication provides results.

But what does this mean for Inferno Media statistically?

The top listing in Google’s organic search results receives 33% of the traffic – 15% more than second position, with traffic to lower results exponentially degrading from thereon. Therefore, Inferno Media will receive increased traffic to the website and this will furthermore fire them into pole position for Social Media in Bournemouth!

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