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Instagram Adds New (Rather Significant) Features

Instagram Features

Although they haven’t shouted about it, the people at Instagram HQ have released new features to the app that are actually pretty significant. The features are available for both iOS and android users, but people may not notice them due to the other recent update, Instagram Stories.

One of the new features allows users to zoom whilst recording a video by swiping up and down, whereas the other feature allows users to double tap the screen during a recording to turn it around. Sounds similar to Snapchat, doesn’t it?

Whilst the social media platform did not shout about its update, it could be quite a significant one in terms of usability. The update means users can now swap from the front camera to the back camera quickly and easily, allowing them to shoot themselves and other things in the same 3-60 second clip.

You’ll notice that these updates are just two of many that the social media platform has recently made. And more interestingly, two of many updates that seem to replicate the competing social media channel, Snapchat, quite a lot. (Just think Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories for a start!)

Rest assured, though, Instagram has not changed its traditional posts – you’ll still be able to see all your favourite pictures from everyone you follow on a normal timeline!

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