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Inferno Media ensure reporting as standard

When it comes to social media we understand the importance of reporting back to our clients. As social media specialists, we believe that it is essential to keep you informed on all aspects of your social media campaign, showcasing how our tools are helping the growth of your online community.

Instagram is a very effective social media platform for many of our clients at Inferno Media. We are dedicated to making sure that the reports we provide for our clients reflect the unparalleled advertising potential of Instagram.

Reporting on Instagram follower analytics

With Instagram reports, a key statistic that is useful for future progress is the number of follows and unfollows your company’s profile has received each month. We are able to recall the specific dates on which the following or unfollowing has taken place which can be an extremely useful insight into what content works best on this platform, allowing for the continued growth of your Instagram profile.

Reporting on Instagram engagement metrics

When it comes to Instagram reporting, we can show you the amount of engagement you have received on each individual post, whether this be likes or comments. This again can help us to determine the content that appeals most to your followers. The reports allow us to see which types of media are most favourable to users engaging with your content, demonstrating whether pictures, videos or GIFs are the way forward with your social campaign on Instagram.

Analysis of demographics

We can identify the specific demographic of your Instagram followers, which can in turn help us produce content to reflect this. We can determine everything from the gender of your followers, to their age and locations, depending on your business’ desired audience.

Reporting on your Instagram Hashtags

One integral element in the use of Instagram for businesses is the use of hashtags. Anyone can employ generic tags like #happy or #cute – or even worse #tagforlikes. However, we feel that it is imperative that we use hashtags on our clients’ posts productively and appropriately, whether this be creating a hashtag for your brand that is used across all social material that other users can include in their shared images, or using a localised tag to appeal to people in a specific geographical location. We ensure that we report back on precisely what works for your business, ensuring that your Instagram hashtags will be in line with your brand, and certify greater exposure.

Social media reports designed for you

At Inferno Media, we always make sure when delivering feedback to our clients that it is user-friendly and digestible. We do not clog the reports with unnecessary information and technical jargon. We report back monthly to our clients, giving the opportunity to get in touch with any questions or suggestions for the future. This contributes to making your social media campaigns a collaborative effort with maximum results.

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