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Joining the Inferno Crew – Laura Hill


With too many digital agencies in Bournemouth to keep count of, it’s easy to get them confused. Don’t they all do the same thing anyway? When I was venturing around the world wide web for my dream job at a digital agency, it most certainly seemed that way. Then I came across Inferno Media.

Inferno Media is a company that specialises solely in the inception and expansion of a clients’ social media profiles. No ‘full-service’ slash ‘ok-at-a-bit-of-everything’ values. I’d found a company that focused purely on social media, with team members that were totally social media obsessed, which was great for a complete and utter social media junkie like myself.

After starting my job as an Account Executive at Inferno, I began to understand how the company was different and why this specialisation in social media was so important. Over the past year the company has created a unique identity, involving structures and values that make it work so successfully. So, I felt it was only right to give devoted blog readers an insight into the Inferno lifestyle…


The Office

The Inferno office is situated on Holdenhurst Road in Lansdowne; a fantastic location with various bus links and easy access to the beach, train station and town centre. The Inferno team moved into the new office just last week, which is currently a huge blank canvas with enough space to cater for an ever-growing team. The plans for a vibrant, exciting environment are never ending – starting with the orange walls! There is also always music playing in the office, which seems to keep the light-hearted, bouncy atmosphere up really well.


The Team

The vibrancy of the orange walls transfers to the team members as soon as you walk in the door. The Inferno team are a young, dynamic, close-knit team that are completely passionate about all things social media. Everyone gets on like a house on fire, and there is a real flow of creativity from the get-go, with coffees and social media news chats first thing in the morning!

The Culture

The culture at Inferno is completely unique, and it utilises the ‘work hard play hard’ motto extremely well. After a day of hard-work and meetings, the Inferno crew often head down to Aruba for some cocktails and food. There are also team lunches, such as Pizza Tuesday’s and Cake Thursday’s, which are a really good way to get the team together.

drinks edit

I have always believed that passion and team spirit are incredibly important when at work, and I am extremely lucky to have entered a team that has an abundance of both of these. The Inferno vibe is always upbeat, and I have already had so much fun whilst being transferred the motivation from other team members to work to the best of my ability all the time. I already feel like a huge part of the team and I can’t wait to grow along with this wicked company!

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