Launch Campaigns

Launching a concept digitally and ensuring that your brand, product or service is already recognised among potential clients and encourages consumer interest from the offset.

How better to launch a new brand, service or product than to do it to an already waiting market? We believe that no matter the target market – whether it be local, national or international – we can create online hype surrounding your concept so that when it does become available, it has already reached critical mass and can achieve immediate success. Through the creation of awareness to your audience before you launch, you can build a relationship with your potential customers that gives your new concept both substance and credibility.

The mistake that many companies make in the marketing of a new product is to not consider it prior to release. Inferno Media endeavour to seek social opportunities to tie in your launch to larger events in the world, helping to establish your brand’s digital identity and presence. Our social media content will ensure that your launch is subconsciously consumed by your target audience and that when it is available, it is purchased or explored by customers from the get-go.

We implement technical strategies as well as creative ones to gain relevant followers, likes and traffic to your social media profiles, creating a community to which your platform will speak. Inferno Media always consider your primary objective – whether this be sign ups, website traffic, bookings, event attendees or data capture – in the creation of our social content, and seek to tailor the overall management of your profiles to achieve this goal.

As with all of our channel management, each launch campaign will be moulded to meet your needs. Whether this be a three month campaign in the lead up to the launch of your concept, we aspire to complete the groundwork prior to launch, and maintain the social platforms’ development for a short period after to resolve any teething issues and train your team on how best to continue the management of the pages. Inferno Media know that when launching a business or a new offering from a current company, it becomes your baby. We set out to help you nurture and cultivate this idea to a point where it can market itself.

Our social media experts are on hand and ready to help. From launching creative Social Media campaigns to growing and engaging with your online community, we’ve got it covered.