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LinkedIn’s App Redesign Looks More Familiar Than You Might Think

Speaking at LinkedIn’s Talent Connect Conference last week, CEO Jeff Weiner announced that the company have completely redesigned their app. Nicknamed ‘Project Voyager’, the app will be centred around a central feed of updates from users’ networks that is similar in appearance to Facebook’s News Feed.

According to Weiner the aim of the app is to move away from showing users “a little bit of everything” to a more focussed feed full of only the things that matter most to individuals professionally. He stated that he wanted to overcome the disjointed feel of the old app by simplifying the design and dividing the app into five sections: Home, Me, Messages, My Network and Search.

The Home section will primarily feature news stories and related articles relevant to users’ interests and professional networks. Similarly, the Me section incorporates statistics to allow users to keep tabs on useful information such as how many people are viewing their profile and how their connections are interacting with them.

The new app also contains a redesigned messaging platform, similar to the changes rolled out on desktop earlier this year. Like Facebook, users will be able to exchange stickers and GIFs within the app.

In addition to the new features available to individual users, the company also introduced two new offerings for businesses. The first in an improved version of its Recruiter app and the second is a new referrals function that makes it easier for people to refer individuals in their network for openings at their company.

Given that over 50% of LinkedIn’s traffic is from mobile users, Weiner sees these changes as a necessary evolution.

The redesigned app will be available on iOS, Android and the mobile web when it launches in the coming weeks.

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