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Show your business strength by marketing on LinkedIn

Building and maintaining a powerful LinkedIn profile is an important part of marketing and representing a brand online, should you be catering to a corporate market. However, it’s most useful when a clear strategy has been built and the social media profile is being continuously managed.

It’s an important platform that’s host to a whole heap of business-based functions that Facebook and Twitter don’t provide. Having a LinkedIn presence is essential for corporate establishments that are looking to target a specific audience. Other platforms can be very broad in this sense, so LinkedIn is often perfect for reaching out to those who aren’t interested in joining other platforms, and instead want to use a solely professional network.

Tailoring the perfect LinkedIn marketing strategy

Your designated Social Media Manager will work with you to design the perfect LinkedIn package, tailored to suit the needs of your business. We intend to help our clients gain visibility, build credibility, and increase connections, leading to an inevitable increase in leads.

LinkedIn content marketing

We pride ourselves on creating original content and delivering it straight to your target market, whilst maintaining a digital presence consistent with your brand. Each of our Social Media Managers has extensive experience in content creation, channel management and marketing. For a number of our existing clients, LinkedIn is their most active platform in terms of engagement. These clients are grouped under a corporate bracket, offering a professional trade or product rather than one of a consumer nature. It is our responsibility to keep this style of content exciting, informative and compelling.

LinkedIn Marketing is Ideal for businesses looking to build a professional network

While Facebook is a social media platform designed to encourage people to share, like and communicate, LinkedIn has established a reputation that focuses more on connecting business professionals only. In turn, this has made the LinkedIn environment very appealing to job seekers, graduates, and corporate recruiters.

Jobs on LinkedIn are easily accessible, and can be found by searching specifically for the location, job title and/or salary. Although LinkedIn does charge for job listings, they can also be advertised for no cost at all by simply posting the right information from the company profile at the right time. Those who have liked your page will be able to share the post, like it, or comment names of those who might be interested. This will also increase the exposure of the post, as it will then begin to appear on third-party LinkedIn news feeds.

Inferno Media will assist in your LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn has the potential to attract talent, start and nurture conversations with customers and clients, generate leads, and promote other social media platforms and initiatives. If LinkedIn is a channel we think your business can’t go without, we’ll invest as much time as it takes to better understand your business and your target audience. We’ll also break down each of the opportunities LinkedIn provides and identify the ones that we believe your business needs.

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