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Mitchell Gives Speech at Yarrells School


On the 31st June, our lovely Managing Director Mitchell visited Yarrells Prep School in Upton to give an inspirational speech to students about the transition from childhood to adulthood. Speaking to over 200 pupils and parents, Mitchell told of his journey from school to starting a business, giving insights on how to succeed within this process. He also had the pleasure of handing out awards to the students, who had participated in an entrepreneurial challenge similar to Dragon’s Den.

Mitchell oozed confidence when beginning his speech, introducing our company to the crowd and outlining what we do (that we’re social media specialists, of course). He reassured students that not too long ago he was in the same position as them, finishing his GCSE’s and having to think about what to do next. He spoke of his entrepreneurial family background, and suggested that it was vital to start business in something you not only enjoy but that you are also good at.

He tells students of Inferno’s success, yet he doesn’t fail to mention that school and and education most certainly played a huge role in getting him to where he is today, saying, “the skills and knowledge I developed at school have helped me grow into my role as an entrepreneur, and when I’m looking for people to join the company, their skills and education are important factors.” So don’t skip school, guys!

Another important factor Mitchell mentioned within his speech was having personality. We understand this is really important within a workplace, and take pride on our exciting culture at Inferno (if we do say so ourselves!). He suggests, “things like passion and a sense of humour [are important], you want people who are motivated to succeed and who enjoy working with you.”

Before finishing his speech, Mitchell prepared students by telling them that starting up a company doesn’t come without its obstacles, enlightening them to his biggest problem to date – running out of money. Ending his speech with some fantastic, inspirational words, Mitchell told students, “be determined, be ambitious and have vision. Keep looking ahead, keep dreaming of where you want to be, and work hard to get there.” Well said, Mitchell!

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