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New Client & New Office Desks for Our Office!

This week we had the guys from Kima Office Furniture come visit us for a client consultation where we went through some hints and tips on how they can gain more social media traffic to their office furniture website.

Based on the south coast, Kima sell white office furniture including desks and chairs into the whole of the UK. They came to us with the objective of being able to create engaging and targeted social media posts via their Facebook and Twitter channels.

Setting Up Facebook Ad Campaigns

We spent an hour with them showing them how to set up a targeted Facebook advertising campaign, based on demographics including geographic area and business owner.

Since spending the time with us, they have given us some excellent feedback on how they increased social media traffic to their white office furniture collections by a huge 70% after running their new campaigns.

For more information on how we can help you to launch successful social media campaigns please click here.

Re-Targeting Using Facebook Adverts

In addition to that we also gave them advice on re-targeting, and how to get Facebook adverts in front of people who had previously visited their website – you might be familiar with this, as Inferno Media is currently running our own campaign and you might see our ad later this week in your own feed!

After the Facebook advertising session, we followed up with some hints and tips on how they can create more compelling posts on their other social media channels such as Twitter and Pinterest which they have also put to great effect.

As way of thanks, they kindly gave us some new white office desks that look great in our office – if you want to take a look at their current range then please visit their website on Kima Office Furniture (view all white office furniture collections).

In the future we will be training their staff in-house as part of on-going consultancy services we have with them, so keep your eyes on our blog to see any updates from us regarding this interesting project.

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