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New Facebook Newsfeed Priority Personalisation Update

The addition of Facebook’s new update integrates further more personalisation to a user’s Newsfeed, allowing them to decide: ‘prioritise who to see first’, ‘unfollow people to hide their posts’, ‘reconnect with people who you unfollowed’ and ‘Discover new Pages’. The most dramatic of these options being, prioritising who to see first – purely as this allows the user to pick as many as 30 people/pages to take priority over their Newsfeed, exposing more of this content and pushing other posts further down – a very useful tool for social media users to optimise their Newsfeed.

What caused this update?

The main reason for this update was due to an increasing number of Facebook user’s wanting to see particular Friends/Pages stories’ first – as they were commonly missing these stories within a sea of less relevant posts, that they weren’t as interested in. Similarly, Facebook users were influential in this algorithmic update as a result of complaints, explaining that there were a lot of irrelevant posts from Friends that liked and commented on stories.

Consequently, this suggests that Social Media Research will have to be more in-depth, to make sure that it is possible for a company to reach their target audience – possibly creating a more quality following than previous, despite being harder to discover.


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