Paid Search Advertising on Facebook

Facebook ads are a powerful social media marketing tool.

No matter how big or small your budget, Facebook Ads have the potential to transform your business’s social reach. Our talented team of Social Media Managers can place custom ads or content targeting a specific audience on behalf of your business, which will appear on your target audience’s feed when they log into Facebook.

How to advertise on facebook

Given that Facebook has over 1 billion users, there is a very good chance that your target audience has a presence on the site. However, it is very important that all ads are targeted towards the correct individuals. From the word ‘go’ we will seek to develop an in-depth understanding of your target market, which will enable us to ensure that your ads will appear where your target audience will be. We are able to refine target audiences based on location, age, gender and interests, giving us the ability to maximise return on investment of Facebook advertising cost.

Expert Facebook Ad Managers

Our Social Media Managers are well versed in the best practices of Facebook advertising, which will ensure that all of your adverts are professional and comply with Facebook’s strict advertising standards. This is very important because the penalties for not complying with guidelines can be severe, including having the page shut down. Why risk leaving such an important task to amateurs when you can entrust it to professionals?

What you get when you advertise on Facebook with Inferno Media

When you work with Inferno Media, we will also set up a dedicated Business Manager Account for your business. This will be accessible to both you and your Account Manager, enabling you to see exactly which posts have been boosted and how well different Ads have performed. We continually monitor the performance of Facebook promotions and will use the data that we collect to improve Ad targeting for a more efficient and effective advertising experience.

Combining paid Ads with your full Facebook Marketing strategy

Given the complex algorithms used by Facebook PPC, it is often no longer enough to rely simply on the organic reach of posts. Paid Facebook advertising ensures that relevant content always reaches the right people, no matter how broad or specific your target audience may be. Inferno Media will ensure that all Facebook Ads are optimised for maximum exposure in order to explode your business’s online presence and following.

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