The Perfect Social Media Manager

Becoming a social media marketing expert: what does it take?

As social media specialists, we pride ourselves on the ability to deliver exceptional social media campaigns for all of our clients. Social Media Managers are an integral part of the business, responsible for all aspects of daily channel management and content creation. While there is no set formula for becoming the perfect social media guru, anyone wishing to enter the world of social media marketing must have a few key skills to ensure the success of their clients’ profiles.

Think you might have what it takes to join the Inferno Media team? Read on to see if you fit the bill…

Skills required for Social Media experts

Content Wolf

Social Media Managers spend a large proportion of their time writing, so the perfect social media expert will have exceptional written communication skills. Whether it’s a snappy Tweet or a chatty blog post, the ability to write accurate and engaging content is the key to social media business success. However it doesn’t just stop there… Always on the look-out for fresh and creative content ideas, the perfect Social Media Manager will enjoy the fast-paced life of a social media agency and will have the innate ability to spot a trend or an interesting story that will appeal to a client’s target audience.

Web Monkey

Unsurprisingly, the perfect social media marketing specialist will have a keen interest in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of social media for business. They will have a passion for evolving platforms and an interest in the inner workings of their favorite social media platform, and how this channel will work within a social media strategy plan. They will also know where to look on the web for the best articles and visual content, and have the ability to generate tracking codes faster than you can say ‘conversation’.

Strategy fox

Being a social media strategist means constantly monitoring, managing, updating, and creating. Planning and creating a social media strategy is all about understanding the big picture – who your audience are and the platforms they’re using – and combining this with a knowledge of how search engines and social media work together to amplify your reach. Social media strategy is not all formulaic tactics, though; a creative mindset is incredibly important if you want to devise content that really engages with your audience on a personal level rather than simply bombarding them with corporate messages.

Timekeeping Pro

The perfect Social Media Manager will have mastered the often challenging art of impeccable time management. Because Inferno Media are a leading agency of social media specialists, our Social Media consultants are frequently required to work to tight deadlines on several different campaigns at a time. Furthermore, bulletproof organisation and forward planning are a must. It’s just like your GCSE maths teacher used to say, ‘If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail…’

Keen Bean

Last but not least, the perfect Social Media Manager will have bundles of enthusiasm and approach every day with a positive, can-do attitude. As well as working as part of a cohesive team, our Social Media Managers also spend a significant amount of time liaising with clients and visiting them in-situ. This means that in order to deliver a high level of service, excellent interpersonal skills, and a friendly persona are a definite must.

Moreover, the perfect Social Media Manager is a dynamic combination of many different skills and personal qualities. Working as part of a team of social media specialists is a fun and rewarding experience and a great opportunity to get creative on a daily basis.

Join our team of social media guru’s

At Inferno Media, we’re always on the lookout for talented Social Media Managers to join our team. If you’ve got the passion and the pizazz, drop us an email with your CV and an introductory cover letter to [email protected].

Inferno Media are also open to work experience opportunities and undergraduate student placements. Social media is a young, fresh and dynamic industry, so we love hearing from young people who feel that they may want to be involved. Feel free to drop us a line; you won’t regret it!

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