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A perfect marketing avenue for visual products and international targeting

Pinterest: known to many as a black hole of recipe ideas, wedding plans, and DIY bunting tutorials. However the power of this platform should not be underestimated, particularly where a visual product or American-based audience is concerned.

Once registered, users and businesses can join the other 100 million users in pinning and re-pinning aesthetically pleasing images to their own boards. Whilst Pinterest is vastly more engaged with by American users, should your company offer a service or product that can be benefited from worldwide, this platform is highly valuable. One thing to remember, however, is that approximately 85% of Pinterest’s users are female. Though gender fluidity is more present than ever, particularly in the social media sphere, targeting your brand to a specific gender demographic can be essential for success.

A more subtle form of social media marketing

The beauty of Pinterest is that it doesn’t feel like a marketing tool. While platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and even Instagram in recent months, have become a place where users are accustomed to seeing ads, Pinterest allows businesses to advertise their products and services in a manner seamlessly amongst countless pretty pins. In fact, the majority of pins are sneakily linked to product pages or blog posts, but done so in a way that allows the user not to feel as though they’re being bombarded by sales-infused content. However, sales and traffic from a pinned post will not always be immediate. Take for example the homeware market: a Pinterest user thinking of redecorating their home or moving house may pin items and gather inspiration for months before acting upon it. When the time comes though, their first point of call, and thus your first point of sale, will be the pinned items lurking on their board. Pinterest does not create trending traffic sales, but a steady, targeted stream of incoming customers to your business.

Pinterest also drives additional marketing channels

Pinterest also ties up wonderfully with traffic. As we know, linking your social media platforms to your website helps marvellously with SEO, rankings and brand recognition, but Pinterest goes one step further. By making all your pins link to your website and including a Pin button on all website content, the two become interchangable and powerful, doubling opportunities for traffic and brand exposure.

Whilst Pinterest isn’t for every business, it’s worth investigating if this social media marketing platform could work for your brand. Here at Inferno Media, we only use selected mediums that we feel will benefit your business, so get in touch for a free consultation today.

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