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Combining social media and media relations

A combination of social media and PR can create a strong online and offline presence for your brand. The two strategies interlink seamlessly, and each one can be used to benefit the other. Whilst fantastic press achievements can be shared with your community on social media, a quality social media presence may be the clincher for getting your business press attention from worthwhile newspapers and other mediums with a large reach.

Using social media to drive better public relations

At its very core PR refers to public relations, and social media is a fantastic way to create positive attitudes and press around your company. PR is imperative, and social media marketing allows you to share with relevant clients impressive reviews of your services and products. There is no better platform in our digital age to create relationships simultaneously with the public and for the public than social media. Showing those interested in your business (your followers) that a customer of yours is pleased with the service or products you offer is invaluable advertising, and is easier than ever to do on social platforms.

Harnessing the social media community

Inferno Media know that in each local area, there are specific social media accounts, made to present their followers with reviews and experiences of other businesses. Bournemouth is a prime example, with designated food bloggers, entertainment review accounts and online communities where customers share their experiences. We can offer you the resources to attract these groups no matter your location, and ensure that your relationship builds strongly in the eye of the consumer, making your business an established and trusted one.

Social media to build connections within print media

The harmonious relationship of PR and social media is also perfect for growing connections with industries such as print media. The majority of magazines now have their own social platforms, and through a review in one of these well-regarded publications, which we can share with your followers as well as with theirs, you can connect with a new pool of customers and establish your integrity as a brand even further.

Competitions and promotions to drive PR

We are also able to create competitions or promotions, resulting in favourable PR for your company. For example if you are a restaurant or hotel that has just been celebrated with an award, we can create a competition that awards a follower with their own personal experience of your venue which in turn will create further publicity and, quite possibly, repeat custom.

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