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As specialists in social media marketing, we are able to cater for whichever social media platforms your business requires. At Inferno Media we understand the audiences of social media channels fluently, putting us in a position to help equip you with the best social media sites to rocket your business’ online presence.

Social media marketing on Facebook

One of the most popular platforms we manage as social media specialists is Facebook, where we are able to harness the ability to tap into a large community at the drop of a post. Facebook has the most users of all social media sites meaning it is awash with those who already are, or who can be converted into, followers of your business. Facebook also boasts the most inclusive targeting features meaning we’re able to grow your desired audience with optimum results. Facebook allows a company to connect in a two-way conversation with those that can serve as powerful brand advocates, allowing your business to portray the voice you want whilst targeting a specific demographic.

Social media marketing on Twitter

Twitter is a key channel for brands and business to start discussions with a captive audience, and offers the opportunity to tap into conversations relative to your brand that are already happening. A fantastic monitoring and listening tool, Twitter can provide great insights about your business’s online presence as well as serving as a valuable customer service outlet with the ability to quickly answer questions and solve queries your followers may have. Through network building and strong content marketing, Twitter is a powerful network that can grow a valuable and consistent following for your company.

Social media marketing on Instagram

What Instagram may seem to lack in text and written content, it certainly makes up for it as a place to showcase your business’s photos and videos. It is a platform where it is vital to get creative to attract an audience using smart captions, popular hashtags and keywords alongside great imagery. It is also the social media channel where consumers or customers can be encouraged to share pictures of your products or services which can then be used for cross-promotion on other social media networks.

Social media marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest social media platform for businesses, allowing companies to create a page that serves as a go-to destination for all company information, products, services, staff, locations and so on. LinkedIn is a key area to share knowledge and comment on industry news relevant to your business, and it is a vital channel for industry professionals and business people to stay connected and informed.

Social media marketing on YouTube

The second largest search engine available makes YouTube the hub of online exposure. Video is highly optimised on all social media channels, meaning there are great opportunities for cross-promotion across multiple social platforms. With the prediction that soon more than two-thirds of all online content will be video, it is vital that businesses present audiences with the content they crave and put aside large chunks of text for short, sharp and impactful video content.

Social media marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest is the perfect platform for brands that are highly visual. It is best thought of as the social media channel most similar to a ‘bulletin board’, where items of interest are categorised and ‘pinned’, however it is also a powerful marketing tool. Pinterest is geared to promoting your products, with shareable content cleverly labelled to attract your specific demographic.

Social media marketing on Google+

With Google+ pages and communities businesses can share what they want, when they want, and with whoever they want. Everything shared on Google+ can be ‘public’ or only shared with people in specific circles which you set up and control, meaning your content is consistently reaching the audience you want it to. A social media channel with an immense outcome on your Google and SEO ranking, it encapsulates the ability to increase your online credibility.  By customers or clients being able to succinctly post Google reviews and retrieve company information it’s a platform which could be key to your business’ overall online growth.

Let us help you decide which social media channels are right for your business

The scope of available social media channels is infinite and it’s vital we dedicate our social media marketing tools to the right platforms for your business. Please browse our website to find out more about what we can offer you on each individual network, putting you at ease that we’re passionate about getting your content to the right people in the best way.

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