Social Media Community Management

Nurturing your social community to ensure its growth

In order to achieve social media success, we believe that cultivating an online community is crucial. Though any member of your team can help to keep an eye on your channels, our Social Media Managers have the skill set to manage and optimise your platforms fittingly.

How we will deliver management of your social community

Part of building a following on social media is helping that following to connect and engage with each other, and in turn, allowing a community to evolve. The practice of community management goes beyond clearing notifications. It’s about asking and answering questions to encourage discussion, and managing reputations by dealing with positive and negative engagement productively. Our Social Media Managers will monitor comments to ensure there is nothing detrimental to the company and to its online community.

A highly important factor to social media strategy

At Inferno Media, we offer community management as part of our social media services package. It’s just as important as content creation or network building, and requires an excellent ability to converse and communicate with the public. It stems from having a good grasp of people’s motivations, understanding what people want, and why they’ve chosen to participate. In a world where everybody has a voice, there’s never been a more critical time to make sure that you are interacting with your target audience on a personal level. Rest assured, all of our Social Media Managers at Inferno Media have an excellent working knowledge of customer service, as well as heaps of previous experience in this field to compliment their social marketing skills.

Attributes of a good social community manager

Being a good facilitator means asking relevant, useful and thought-provoking questions. It also involves communicating with a tone of voice that is consistent with the brand. Consistency is key – once the tone and the guidelines are set, they must then stay the same. Your followers must feel welcomed, valued and entertained in order for them to return, and they should always be spoken to in the same way.

At Inferno Media, we understand the importance of exposure within a social media campaign. If your followers like what they see or how they’ve been treated, they are more likely to recommend your business to others. Likewise, as soon as someone engages on a post or likes a page, it will appear on their friends Facebook timelines, thus exposing the brand and raising awareness.

Where community management fits into online marketing

Community management is more than just a way to connect with your following. When done correctly, it’s a way to generate leads and increase revenue. It’s not the same thing as selling, it’s about email opt-ins, website traffic, advertising campaigns and identifying your target audience. It’s about getting potential customers into your zone and encouraging them to take it further, rather than simply visiting your social media account on Twitter or Facebook.. The ability to have direct conversations with your audience is vital in the process of generating leads.

If your business is posting on social media with the intention of building an audience, and your customers are your main priority, community management is vital. Without it, it’s almost as detrimental as ignoring the business line, or sending a customer straight to voicemail. Our Social Media Managers will be the eyes, ears and voice of your company.

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