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Advanced social management through listening tools

A crucial element of Inferno Media’s social media marketing is the use of listening tools to market our clients’ profiles on Twitter. Listening tools can be carried out through a highly sophisticated range of social tracking softwares, allowing users to filter millions of tweets worldwide to find those most relevant to them. Here at Inferno Media, we use these within our social marketing campaigns to target users on behalf of our clients, aiding them to source new custom and create a larger, but still specific social media community.

Understand how social media monitoring tools work

Listening tools work in a manner that lets users search tweets by keyword as well as hashtags, compiling a comprehensive feed of all the tweets that fit into the searched criteria. Terms as simple as ‘restaurant’ and ‘drinks’ to more specific ‘recommend restaurant Bournemouth’ for example can be searched across the social networks, leading to any tweet including that wording to appear. Many people take to Twitter to ask questions or for recommendations, and it’s not unusual to see these requests under specific hashtags such as ‘#journorequest’, which is used by journalists to source material for stories. Listening tools however allow us to reach out to Twitter users on behalf of our clients, even if they haven’t openly offered themselves up to suggestions through conventional hashtagging means.

How social media tracking tools could help your business

>Should your company be a chain of hotels for example, we can search through tweets by location, for example ‘stay London’. This means that anyone tweeting as openly as ‘Does anyone know where’s best to stay in London’, or as indirectly as ‘Can’t find anywhere to stay in London next month’ can be targeted and offered your services. Inferno Media’s main priority is to enlarge your social community whilst maintaining your brand’s identity, and therefore all replies to opportune tweets like this will be curated in a manner that is in line with your company’s voice.

Our success with measuring social through social listening

We at Inferno Media have seen enormous success with our utilisation of listening tools for clients across various sectors, with users booking spa stays, dinners and signing up to services on a weekly basis. Another example of the power of listening tools and the social analytics that are provided by these, is to engage with Twitter users who are already talking about your brand on social media, but aren’t tagging you directly. Brand monitoring is particularly effective should your social profiles not have an obvious handle.

Using mention monitoring to engage effectively with your audience

Many users will refer to a venue by its name, as opposed to finding the handle which may have needed to be the name and location, such as SteakhouseBrighton for example. By searching for the name of your venue, we are able to engage with users who have tweeted and reviewed their experience with your company indirectly, allowing us to create an organic conversation with the user and encourage repeat custom, or alternatively resolve any issues they may have had.

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