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Social Media Marketing for Corporate Businesses

The beauty of social media marketing for corporate businesses is the possibility of bringing a relatable personality to sometimes faceless corporations.

Social media can reverse the expectations and negative connotations that many people have of large businesses and their approach to mass audiences and thereby the disrespect of the individual, but through the interaction with customers through social media, we can change this, producing an even happier customer due to the notion of a pleasant surprise when they are made to feel important and acknowledged


Inferno Media will use our expertise to take corporations out of the immediate Bournemouth area, targeting customers and analysing competitors around the country or the globe. We can access relevant people that cannot physically be reached in a matter of seconds, and create a sense of community between customers across great distances.

One of the prime objectives of many corporate businesses for their social media is brand maintenance. Some of our clients find themselves in a position where they need not gain more business at all for a short period, however this doesn’t mean that a company’s social media should become stagnant.

Brand maintenance and a consistent online presence results in a subconscious acknowledgement of a brand by a customer, meaning that when they do require your services or products, you will be at the forefront of their decision making.

As well as generating a coherent and stable online presence for your brand, Inferno Media pride ourselves on our customer service skills, meaning that any complaints will be dealt with expertly in a manner that retains your company’s dignity.

Social media travels fast, therefore it is vital that a corporate brand so immediately notable is represented in a way that only provides the best customer care and releases fantastic, unparalleled content.

  • Market leaders in social media marketing whose skills are constantly being built upon
  • Helping brands to excel digitially and taking their content viral
  • Creating tailored and bespoke packages for each client depending on their goals and objectives
  • Bringing a personal touch to your business through frequent interactions with your customers having adopted your tone of voice and company ethos
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