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Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Social media marketing is critical for smaller or start-up businesses. Whilst larger, more immediately recognisable brands have a name behind them that creates a customer’s perception of them from the off, social media can be used to aid in the creation of a small business’ brand recognition.

When forming a new business, the most important factor is reaching new people, and launching adverts that will catch the eye of the unassuming customer. There is no growth like the potential growth caused by social media if curated correctly.

Consider where you receive the majority of your information in the digital age; through images, recommendations and reviews, all shared on social media.


Inferno Media can aid you to reach out to potential customers by providing them with knowledge of your brand, your products and your services, as well as the people behind it and your ethos. Customers look to buy into personalities not companies, so to provide them with a personal insight into your company’s morale and activity builds a close relationship as opposed to a corporate one, all which can be achieved through strong and engaging social content.

We are also able to identify competitors and your target demographic, and can invite local people to interact with your company with personalised private messages, whether this be inviting them to a venue, sharing new products with them or informing them of your services.

We also maintain frequent interaction with customers where they may enquire about opening times or availability, and always respond to any compliments or complaints, which is essential for a smaller business where the satisfaction of customers is key.

Advertising is absolutely imperative to new or small businesses, and there is no platform better than social media.


Many small businesses make the mistake of thinking that investing in social media is only for larger corporations, when in fact the best way to publicise a brand that people aren’t aware of is through social media marketing. After all, it’s considered to be the digital version of word of mouth!

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