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Inferno Media’s Expansion to Poole

Having been established in Bournemouth, Inferno Media has grown at a rapid rate since its birth – hard-work and perseverance from all of the team members allowed the company to take on numerous clients, and create a portfolio to be proud of. The result of this fast growing mentality has inevitably meant Inferno Media’s social media marketing services has necessarily branched out – and we are pleased to announce that we are now offering social media management services in Poole.

What does this mean for companies in Poole?

As a result of this, companies in Poole will have access to our services – including Social Media Branding, Social Media PR and Network Building to name but a few.

Why should businesses in Poole come to us for Social Media Marketing?

We increase Brand Recognition – customers can understand your goals, tone of voice and ethos through our Social Media Marketing techniques, more easily than usual.

Improve Brand Loyalty – existing customers can always contact us immediately, reassuring them of your presence and reinforcing loyalty.

Create opportunities to convert online users into paying customers – every post we put on your Social Media is a platform to redirect an online user to your website, and create a sale – with access to new, existing and old customers, our Social Media Marketing is an extremely formidable force.

Higher conversion rates – we are here to create a ‘face’ online, as it is very valuable to a customer, representing and humanizing your brand, giving a potential customer comfort and support.

Exposure – through customers discussing your product/service online on reviews and the like, your exposure will increase dramatically.

Increased traffic – from social platforms directing people to your Page/website online.

In-depth Customer Experience – customers can receive a real in depth knowledge of your product/service and can have easy access to customer service and reviews.

An insight into the services we provide

Social Media Branding – We understand that your business priceless, since it is your life, time and money. We will dedicate our time into completely understanding the way in which you want to present your invaluable company – through ethos, tone of voice, graphic visuals, colour schemes, fonts and many more aspects that can present an outstanding company online.

Social Media PR – Creating a relationship with your clients isn’t a ‘should’ – it’s a must. PR is essential into understanding what your clientele desire from your products and/or services – therefore we use reviews, competitions and promotions to really hone in and create a detailed understanding of who your audience are, consequently boosting your quality following and creating undeniably real results.

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