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With over 400 million active monthly users at the time of writing, it’s easy to see why businesses would want to market their brands on Instagram. Instagram is infinitely the most visual platform of the Holy Trinity of social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), and in an era of Insta-fame, many brands and digital celebrities rely almost entirely on their following on the platform to stay relevant. Whilst Facebook and Twitter have become broadly received as places that a user may be overtly advertised to, Instagram has retained an element of subliminal marketing and sales peace; the platform only introduced paid advertising in early 2015 and paid posts remain few and far between on the average user’s feed. This, in one sense, makes it the perfect platform to advertise on.

How to promote Instagram for companies

Here at Inferno Media, we believe in curating the perfect feed that balances different elements of your business that will engage a customer with more one-dimensional sales posts, in a manner that continually attracts followers and creates a community of users. Whilst synergy across social media platforms is somewhat essential, our social media experts understand that variety and tailoring posts to different platforms and their audiences is vital too, and therefore we seek to create content that will appeal to Instagram-users eyes, whilst maintaining a cohesive brand identity throughout your digital presence. Cross-platform promotion too, is an effective way of ensuring that your social community is engaging with you across all of your profiles, for example should you be running a competition on Facebook, you can advertise this organically or through paid adverts on Instagram too, certifying that both realms of your social community are aware of the your company’s digital updates.

Reaching and engaging with the right audience

Creative images and quirky captions are one thing, but both quickly become redundant if they aren’t reaching relevant users. Hashtags and keywords are essential in order to build a community of social media followers, and interacting with your following is also vital. Instagram is a fantastic platform for users to share their experiences, whether this be a product, service, or venue. Through the use of hashtags and place check-ins, you can find posts containing images of your brand, and engage with these, as well as Regramming them. This may result in a follow and a direct engagement with the user themselves, and reinforces positive opinions to both your and their social communities. Reviews through Instagram are a fantastic way to present your company in a valuable light, as they give twice the validation that your own posts would; if a user has gone out of their way to share their great experience with you with their following, others are more likely to engage with your brand. Here at Inferno Media, we seek to guarantee that all users who take the time to post about our clients are rewarded with interaction, encouraging further brand engagement.

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