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Social Media Monitoring

If you’ve taken a read of our critical social media facts page, you will have seen that an enormous 53% of social media marketers don’t measure their success.

Inferno Media believe that there can be no success without a constant, vigorous analysis of the growth and content of the accounts we manage; therefore we strive to monitor and evaluate our techniques on a very regular basis.

Rather than merely judging our clients’ social success based on their face value likes and comments, we employ highly technical software programmes to generate reports that explore every aspect of their social media engagement rates. Whether this be a monthly or quarterly review or whether you would like to see our software reports on a more irregular, one-off basis, we love to keep our clients updated on the progress of their social media marketing and will often send examples of how it converts likes and followers into genuine customers.

For example, if we have reached out to a potential customer looking for a hotel booking and they have then booked with you and informed us of this on a social media platform. We will send you screenshots of the conversation so that you can pinpoint exactly where that customer has come from.

How our Social Media tracking can help your business

Social media marketing is as much about customer service as it is about knowing how the technical, visual and literary elements integrate to create enticing content. So conversing with your customers and showing you how this leads to sales is an imperative part of our progression and monitoring process.

We also monitor the progress and growth of your competitors by analysing their techniques and any new marketing strategies that they are employing.

By keeping a keen eye on what does and doesn’t work for those in your industry, we can make sure that we stay away from ideas that haven’t been successful for them or identify exactly what went wrong and improve upon it.

Due to a combination of competitive prices and fantastic results, we believe that Inferno Media can offer a fantastic return on investment for your business.

Our clients frequently make the cost of our services back and further within the first month of service, for our skills in reaching out to new people and building your network are absolutely unprecedented in the Bournemouth area in particular.

With exponential online growth comes increased footfall and/or sales, all which can be traced back to intricate social media strategies and utilisation of software by Inferno Media. We are always striving to exceed our own expectations, as well as our clients’; therefore an intense monitoring of your and our business’ evolution is essential.

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