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Visual communication is a key element to any social media campaign

At Inferno Media, we understand that visual communication, and in turn photography, is now more crucial to a business than it has ever been. Quality photography will bridge the gap between amateur and professional, and photographs and images have a higher chance of being noticed than standalone text, making photography for social media a must in the digital world.
We have partnered with renowned local photographers who we collaborate with on a regular basis. Together, we will shoot, edit and produce a high-quality suite of images ready to be used on your social media platforms. At Inferno Media, it’s about offering the full package, and when it comes to social media marketing, good social photography is key to achieving success.

Why professional photography for social networks is key

Online, the hospitality industry relies heavily on visual elements to market their services. For restaurants, posting out-of-focus badly lit photos of food is simply not an option. The most shared posts on Facebook are images, so if you’re in the business of food, the key is to make your channel as visual as possible. At Inferno Media, we will arrange a menu photoshoot within your first few weeks with us. Together, our social photographer and your designated Social Media Manager will design and deliver the best content imaginable.

When is social media photography right for your business

For some of our clients, one photoshoot a year is plenty. For others, more frequent social media photos are preferred. If you need a photographer on hand to coincide with your weekly delivery, it’s not a problem. We understand the value of capturing fresh produce during its finest hour. Running a visual channel will not only encourage trust and engagement, but it will inevitably lead to an increase in sales. Real photographs of your customers and your products will go a long way.

For our more corporate clients, we can assist with professional staff photos, whether it’s for personal or public LinkedIn profiles, or for staff website pages. The overall presence and perception of a business is incredibly important, therefore professional photography should always be seen as an investment. After all, “you only have one chance to make a good first impression.”

Photo sharing on social media inspires engagement

Posting personal content on social media is a fundamental part of building your brand. The more people connect with your brand on a personal level, the more likely they are to become a customer. With this in mind, allowing followers to go ‘behind the scenes’ or to ‘meet the team’ will not only inspire potential and existing customers to engage, but it will create a sense of community amongst your target audience. Without the use of photography, this will naturally be harder to achieve. Posting visual, original content is simply easier to identify, understand and appreciate. ‘Meet the team’ photos also help staff to feel a sense of belongingness to the business, in turn strengthening their loyalty to the organisation.

These are not just social media Images and photographs, they have a multitude of uses, and are rarely used just once. All photographs and images taken and created by Inferno Media are ours to use, but yours to keep, and are owned by your business. They can be used online, and in print, for catalogues, leaflets, and any other forms of publication.

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