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Three Things You Didn’t Know Facebook Messenger Could Do

Over the last year, Messenger has shown that it wants to be a one stop shop for all your mobile needs. However, with so many updates, you may have missed some of the app’s best new features. Now so much more than a simple messaging app, Messenger’s 800 million active monthly users can make use of a whole host of features, from requesting an Uber to paying a friend.

  1. Request an uber

An answered prayer for anyone lacking storage on their phone, you can now do away with your Uber app, and call a car through Messenger. From within a conversation, simply select the ‘More’ icon and tap ‘Transportation.’ You can log in and request an Uber from there. Like the Uber app, you’ll receive updates on your driver’s status, notify friends, track the ride and pay for it. The idea, Facebook says, is to make it easier for friends to make plans with each other by offering a way to arrange transportation without the need to leave the app.

2. Make a payment

There are a few popular apps that let you pay your friends without any cash, but that means downloading yet another app. If you don’t have any more room on your phone, Messenger is a great alternative. Described by David Marcus, Facebook’s vice president, as “easy and safe”, users who add their debit card information to Messenger can now send cashless payments to one or more friends.

3. Send your location

Similar to dropping a pin in Apple Maps, Messenger enables you to send mapped locations in a message. This is a big improvement, as previously Facebook friends could only see which town or city people were messaging from. To use this feature, simply select a conversation, tap the ‘More’ icon, click location, then you can search a place and send it. Many now predict that as Messenger continues to evolve in a bid to grow its user base and engagement, it is very likely we’ll see the app use location in other ways in the future.

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