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Tweaks to Facebook’s News Feed Algorithms

Scrolling down Facebook’s News Feed is becoming more and more personalised to every single user – even more so with this latest Facebook update. 

Now introduced is a system that determines how long you view each post in relation to others. It’s simple, if you view a post longer, then Facebook will understand that you find this post more interesting and will fine-tune your News Feed to correspond and show similar stories.

This has become a primary method, advancing beyond previous strategies of personalised News Feeds – such as showing more posts that friends (rather than pages) liked, commented on or shared.

Furthermore, since the like and share button’s on Facebook are becoming more and more obsolete with each passing day, alternative methods have been put in place – the issue understood was, Facebook users were coming across and spending time on stories that interested them, but moving on without a like or share being considered. The proposed solution being these News Feed algorithmic tweaks – focusing more on time spent visually, rather than physical interaction.

The response Facebook wish to receive from this is a spike in News Feed as people find stories more relevant to them – hopefully seeing an end to countless irrelevant posts. From a user’s perspective, this alteration suggests that the News Feed will become more comparable to your interests and therefore worth scrolling through!

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