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Ensuring our clients are kept up to date with social media reporting

When it comes to social media we understand the importance of reporting back to our clients. It’s vital as social media specialists that we keep you involved in all aspects of your social media campaign, showcasing through Twitter reporting tools how we are helping to grow your social media reach.

Twitter is a vital social media platform for many of our clients’ campaigns at Inferno Media. We are committed to making sure the reports we show to our clients reflects the huge amount of growth and detailed scope there is for their Twitter profiles.

Providing detailed Twitter insights

With Twitter reports, a key element that is useful for future progress is the ability to demonstrate the number of followers (and even unfollows) your company’s profile has gained monthly. Using Twitter follower trackers, we are able to relay the specific dates upon which the following or unfollowing has taken place, which is an extremely useful tool for seeing what content works best on this platform, allowing for the continued growth of your social media profiles.

Exploring Twitter Post analytics

When it comes to social media analysis, particularly Twitter reports, we can show you the amount of engagement that comes from each individual post – whether this be likes, Retweets or comments. This again can help us determine which content works best for your followers. The reports allow us to see which media used is most favoured by users engaging with your content, demonstrating to us whether pictures, videos, GIFs etc are the way forward with your Twitter campaign.

Analysing Twitter demographic data

We can identify the specific demographic of your Twitter followers, which can, in turn, help us produce content to target them. We can determine everything from the gender of your followers, their age ranges and the locations they are based at. We’re also able to see the percentage split of the people engaging with your content – whether these are new followers or existing ones – which can help us keep on track with ensuring existing followers are still enjoying the content posted on your profile. Further to this we can also see the percentage split between updates posted on your profile and conversations created, which can help to ensure we’re keeping in touch with your company’s followers and ensuring the profile is fresh and relevant, rather than just providing them with constant updates.

Twitter Hashtag Reporting

Hashtags are everywhere on social media. While Twitter initially popularised them, they can now be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to name but a few. If used correctly, they’re a fantastic way to increase your social media presence by placing your brand message in a feed that your target audience frequents. Creating unique hashtags for your brand or campaign helps to track all conversations surrounding that campaign, and our team of trend-savvy social media experts are pros at identifying the hashtags that will make your content stand out amongst the noise. We can report back to you on what hashtags will work best for your brand, allowing us to better tailor your campaign to what really matters – getting seen by the right people.

Providing easy to understand Twitter reports

At Inferno Media we understand the importance of reporting back to our clients and keeping them up to date with their social media campaigns. We always make sure when delivering feedback to our clients that we make this as user-friendly as possible, not clogging the reports with unnecessary information and technical jargon. We report back monthly to our clients, giving them them opportunity to get in touch with any queries or suggestions for the future, making your social media campaigns a collaborative effort with maximum results.

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