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Twitter Removes its 140 Character Limit on Direct Messages

Twitter is renowned for its 140-character limit, but since Wednesday, Direct Messages will be free from this restriction.

For a large percentage of Twitter’s daily users, this might not make a difference, but for companies using Twitter to communicate with potential or existing clients, it’s a welcome development.

Although Twitter has announced it will be removing the 140-character limitation for direct messages, tweets will still be restricted.

In the age of social networking, Twitter has gradually become a go-to platform for businesses looking to publicise, grow and expand their demographic. It’s a very public environment, but often, the need for businesses to communicate privately is essential. Equally, for customers looking to voice their concerns or complaints in confidentiality, it’s the perfect solution.

Before, with the 140-character limitation, it was difficult to have a professional and detailed conversation, as there was an underlying pressure to keep it short. Now, it’s easier and more inviting, for businesses, clients and customers.

Twitter has made the first step towards making the private side of the platform a simpler and more exciting place.

As reported on Twitter’s blog, the development began on Wednesday, and will be introduced to Android and iOS apps, the official Twitter site, Tweetdeck and Twitter for Mac immediately. It is set to reach the rest of the world in the forthcoming weeks.

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