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Users Hate Change. At Least for the First Few Days…

Users hate change. At least for the first few days…

It is a widely accepted that many people don’t like change. Given the recent outrage at the change from ‘favourites’ to ‘likes’ on Twitter, it is fair to say that this is particularly true when change involves peoples’ social media profiles.

Carnage ensued on Tuesday, when Twitter announced that they would be swapping the blue star ‘favourite’ for a heart shaped ‘like’ button. Twitter justified the change, claiming that the new ‘like’ would be easier for newcomers to use, as the heart is a ‘universal symbol’ that already features on Facebook, Instagram and Periscope.

However, just hours after Twitter’s big change, Google Chrome rolled out an extension called Fav Forever, which will change the hearts back to stars on Twitter’s website.

Although the tool won’t change how tweets appear outside of Twitter.com, Fav Forever has been welcomed by many disgruntled Twitter users, being hailed as a ‘life saver’ and receiving a number of 5 star reviews on Google Chrome’s web store.

However, will Fav Forever actually take off? While the reviews are good, there are currently only 2000 users, which is a minuscule proportion of the total number who use Twitter.

A quick search on Twitter also reveals that many have now come to terms with the change, some users even claiming that they now prefer the hearts.

This sense of outrage followed by relative acceptance is reminiscent of the user reaction to the introduction of the Facebook Messenger app in 2014. It received over 50,000 negative reviews on iTunes but is now one of the most widely used mobile communication tools.

It seems to go like this: when users’ social media profiles change they are angry and confused. They start petitions and some devise software to reverse the changes.

And then, a few days later, they get used to it.

Only time will tell whether Twitter users will fully embrace the heart, but judging on the current lack of Fav Forever users, it would seem as though the acceptance process has already begun.

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