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Who Wants To “Be Like Bill”?

If you’re a regular user of social media, you’ve probably come across the latest meme obsession “Be Like Bill”. This stick figure, most often seen in a wooly hat (we don’t understand either), serves as a reminder of just how obnoxious our social media practices truly are. Bill’s sermon is to try and be more like him, stop inviting people to play Candy Crush, and certainly don’t share a photo of your ‘meal prep’ with the caption #EatCleanTrainMean. Ironically though, Bill has now become the most irritating, overly-shared, overdone meme currently on the internet.

A man from Moldova who now lives in Milan, Eugeniu Croitoru, claims to be the Victor Frankenstein behind our dear friend Bill. Created as a passive aggressive poke at the oversharers on social media, Eugeniu started a Facebook page for Bill which currently has 1.5 million likes. Bill’s online reach is only rocketing, with the introduction of his female counterpart Emily, who doesn’t upload pictures of the flowers her boyfriend bought her with the caption #boydonegood. Bill is even going international with his pal Jose, who’s ready to police your posts in Spanish.

Think you can do a better job than Bill? There’s now even a generator that lets you insert your name into a Bill meme to share on your profiles. If that wasn’t enough big brands and corporations are now jumping on the bandwagon, and it’s as painfully predictable as it sounds.

Though, Bill does have a point. There’s no greater pain on social media than that one friend who chronicles every aspect of their lives, no matter how irrelevant. Though complain all we like, isn’t that what social media is about in the first place? The ability to share our most mundane day-to-day activities and meaningless anecdotes for the sake of connections and the strange need to be validated by everyone on the internet.

Fear not, because whatever you post these days, Bill’s just around the corner to tell you that you’re not clever falling into the traps social media platforms deliberately put out for us. Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news Bill, but the exact forum that you’re censoring is the same forum with which you’re being shared. Plus, at the rate your wooly hat is appearing on my newsfeed, it’s likely that your words of wisdom will soon become what you’ve criticised this whole time: an annoying post.

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