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Work Experience with the Inferno Crew – Chloe Farrier-Ledden


I have recently finished my last year of Sixth Form and turned 18 and like many other people my age I’m still stuck on making a decision on what I want to do in life. I am planning on taking a gap year and then going to University to study media as I know that is what I want to do. However, it is so broad and I love many aspects of it and am yet to find out where I want to specialise. So I decided to take action to try and help me decide…and that is how I was lucky enough to land a week’s work experience at Inferno Media.

With many common views upon work experience placements being a possible waste of time, with people assuming you sit there and do very little, I am delighted to say this certainly wasn’t the case at Inferno Media.

I was instantly welcomed by the team and the Managing Director Mitchell, who is an extremely lovely 19 year old, who created the company and is leading Inferno to a magnificent success.

Chloe Work Experience

Mitchell and I had a quick chat on the sofa where he explained that he wanted both of us to gain something from this week, which got me excited to get working! Before I knew it I was challenged to a game of ping pong, where unfortunately I lost, but there were no hard feelings…I instantly felt involved with the friendly team and throughout the week it felt as though I was part of the team.

I started off my Monday working with Andy – the Senior Account Executive, who appeared happy and eager to teach me. Throughout the week he was super helpful, answering any questions I had (which was a lot) and making sure I always had something exciting to do. I learnt how to use in-house software, how to boost posts on social media, how to create the posts themselves and so much more. It was really interesting to understand how social sites, such as Facebook actually works and look into the back ends of it. The work I completed could often be challenging, but I was reassured and left to my own devices, which was a great feeling to be trusted with the work I was producing.

The best parts about carrying out work experience with Inferno was how much I learnt and was able to do, not forgetting meeting truly passionate and talented people who love what they do. The vibes from the employees reflected those of the company, which was great fun to be a part of.

If anyone reading this is thinking of gaining work experience in a media company, I honestly recommend Inferno Media as it is a guaranteed insightful and awesome experience!

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