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Bournemouth Wheels Festival

It’s not long now until Bournemouth’s legendary Wheels Festival rolls into town. Taking place Friday 29th – Sunday 31st May, the Wheels Festival sees everything from monster trucks to supercars, desert driving and motorbike stunts, meaning that thousands of vehicle enthusiasts from all over the UK will be popping down to the seaside to see what all of the fuss is about.

With regards to social media, whilst Bournemouth Wheels Festival has its own pages on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the festival serves as great content for local businesses too.

Posts about event information and how companies can relate themselves to a specific day out create a sense of community within a town’s collective social media network, and they also act as a fantastic opportunity to remind local people of businesses they may have forgotten about. A restaurant that you haven’t eaten at for a while or a bar with an outdoor terrace that you’re yet to try now seem like perfectly appropriate options when placed in the context of an event like the Wheels Festival, and create a nice break up in what can sometimes feel like monotonous social media content.

We hope to see some local businesses taking the opportunity to raise their social media to the next level, employing techniques like live tweets and more video content, and with the sudden influx of tourists to the area, we expect to see some of our own Bournemouth-based Inferno clients very busy in this weekend!

To find out more about the Bournemouth Wheels Festival, head over to http://bournemouthwheels.co.uk/

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