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Results-Driven Social Media Marketing for London Businesses


Find Out How Inferno Media Can Produce Results

Inferno Media is one of the top social media agencies in London, specialising solely in generating new business for our nationwide clients. Unlike other digital companies, we aren’t a full-service agency, but instead focus on the one core service that we excel at; social media strategy and results in b2b and b2c markets.

Our dynamic team is based out of Shoreditch, with another office of highly skilled social media consultants down on the south coast in Bournemouth.

If you would like to talk to us about the challenges your business is facing, then please complete the form for a call back, or to arrange your free consultation.

We combine industry-leading knowledge, cutting edge solutions, and unique approaches to every single client that we work with.

Above all, we get to know your company, your competitors, and then identify the profiles of your new potential customers, where they hang out online, and their digital habits. We then create a bespoke social media management strategies and campaign to deliver those leads straight to your business.


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How We Can Help To Accelerate Your Business


Turn on instant online sales for your brand via various social media platforms, whilst targeting the right customers at the right time… and all with a focus on ROI and profitability.



Increase engagement with your desired target audiences with compelling and viral social media content that spreads like wildfire. Benefit from increased visitors and brand awareness.



Reach larger audiences with our viral brand awareness strategies where we leverage relationships with influencers in your chosen marketplace. We can help get your voice heard.



We Place Results And ROI at the Core Of Everything That We Do


With our experienced team being brought up in the digital age, we have become experts with industry-leading tools and effective online processes. This means we can produce simply awesome creative social campaigns and powerful connections on a daily basis.

But it’s not just tangible and reportable results that make us stand out from the social media companies in London.

We also pride ourselves in having a completely unique team culture that transfers over into the way in which we get to know our clients and their businesses, plus the creative campaigns we deliver for them consistently time and time again.

Over the last few years, we have built up an outstanding reputation not just for being a leading social media agency in London, but also the excellent client relationships that we foster.

With regular client meetings, social media workshops, and the generation of new ideas, we like to keep a constant dialogue open with you to ensure that your goals are always met. We like to work as a partnership rather than a trade.

Don’t take it from us though; our clients consider us to be one of the best agencies for social media marketing in London, as you can see from some of our client testimonials below.

“Social media is a true expertise, and it’s rare to find a company that really understands how to leverage this medium. Inferno Media are an excellent social media company and have partnered with me to help many of my London and Dorset clients fulfil their marketing objectives and in particular with new lead generation activities.”

“I’ve been very pleased with Inferno Media and their services. The Boat Club has come a long way since the beginning of 2015 and I am grateful to Inferno Media for helping to aid our growth. We’ve seen some great results since the beginning of our social campaign and I look forward to our future with Inferno Media. Highly recommended.”

Chris White, The Boat Club | Managing Director


Developing, Planning, Executing & Delivering a Social Media Strategy Designed To Get Results

Our team members are specialists in the strategic execution of bespoke social media plans, developed for a number of different industries in the capital city.

If you need a specialist agency who can help develop a social media strategy for your London company, then have a read below to find out who we are, what we do and how we do it – and in particular how we can help your business deliver a social media strategy in London that is engineered to get results and track a return on investment.

Why A Social Media Strategy Is Important?

Having a robust strategy is crucial for any business, as this essentially sets the foundations of your marketing plan. See it as a road map or your trusty sat-nav; it’s something that is simply crucial for the long-haul ride – you wouldn’t get very far without it!

Fundamentally, the more developed your strategy is, the more powerful your social media marketing will be. Without a well-developed social strategy, long-term plans will not be implemented, and you will not be able to track your success.

One of the biggest components within having a successful social media strategy is having goals for what you want to accomplish. At Inferno Media we ensure that these goals are clearly defined at the very beginning, meaning we can follow a clear process to ensure they are accomplished.

When we have these specific, measurable, time-bound goals set, we will know if we are on track and we can subsequently adjust these goals according to the results we see. Think of it this way, if no goals were set in place, it’d be like driving on the open road aimlessly hoping you get to where you want to go.

Having a well-defined strategy also allows you to select and plan the correct tools to use that will help you successfully accomplish your goals. For example, planning social-specific content calendars, scheduling in advance, and organising the specific type of paid advertising to be used.


Even if you are already working with a social media agency in London, you might not be getting the results, volume, or ROI that could be possible.

With one quick chat with our team, we will be able to identify additional opportunities, angles you might not have considered before, plus ways in which you could dramatically reduce your customer acquisition costs using the power of the various social media platforms at our disposal.



Highly-Qualified, Laser-Targeted Customers or Buyers to the Door of Your Online Business


With years of experience in the industry, our skilled content writers can create compelling headlines, calls to action, and sales copy that will convert. Combined with our in-house photography and videography skills, we create powerful social media campaigns that pop.

Using the different social advertising platforms, and are unique techniques, we can specifically target your campaign – whether this be on a local, national or international scale – to ensure an online hype is created and your campaign is seen by the right people at the right time.

We also offer various other social media services, all of which are crucial to your overall social media strategy. Community management is vital, as this involves building strong relationships with your customers and ensuring any queries or complaints are answered professionally and on time.

We also spend time building your online network, using powerful software tools to create and continuously build upon a large following across all social platforms. This not only ensures your products and services are noticed, but it also creates a strong, trustworthy brand image that potential customers will recognise.

Too often, brands treat their social media in the same way they would treat their personal social media profiles, posting on a whim and treating the whole process as an afterthought and not a crucial part of their overall marketing strategy.

Often, other companies who provide full-service marketing solutions do the same. They dump social media marketing to the bottom of the pile, treating it as an afterthought as they believe it is not an important part of a marketing strategy. At Inferno Media, we focus solely on all things social, meaning this is far from an afterthought.

We put all of our efforts into creating and developing a comprehensive strategy for your brand. We are proactive in all aspects, for example planning and scheduling content 2 weeks in advance, to ensure that your social media is one of the biggest parts of your marketing strategy and provides a solid return on investment.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about Inferno Media, and for a more detailed and bespoke response on how we can offer social media management and marketing services for your London business. Give us a call on 0203 823 6770, or alternatively send a quick email to [email protected]



Why Outsource Your Social Media Management in London?

Do businesses, both small and large, need to outsource their social media management? Many companies think otherwise, taking on the challenge of managing all of their social media channels in-house. This is often done by a company receptionist or equivalent, posting to Facebook when they have a spare moment in their busy schedules.

Some companies, particularly small companies, believe they don’t need to utilise social media at all. Our response: yes, anyone can post to social media, but it’s much more than a simple post to a company’s Facebook or Twitter page.

The key to creating both successful and powerful social media channels is not merely creating the right post, but more importantly how to deliver that post. This is something our experienced social media experts have been doing for years, so we know how to target the right people at the right time.

After using our creative juices (and our photography, videography and graphic design skills, of course) to create the right post, we can directly target this post to your company’s target market at the exact right time.

For example, using our expert technical knowledge, we are able to specifically target local males or females between the ages of 20-45 in London who have an interest that is similar to your company.

With some of the ‘pros’ of outsourcing your social media management explained, you are probably wondering if there are any ‘cons’ of outsourcing this and, if so, what they are. The biggest factor for going against outsourcing your social media management is putting your social channels in the hands of somebody else.

Most digital agencies offer a full-service service, meaning they focus on lots of aspects of media and marketing rather than specialising in one aspect. Putting your social media in the hands of a company like this becomes a huge risk, as even though you will have all your marketing options in one place, only a small portion of energy and time will go into social media.

This is where Inferno Media is different. Our clients have complete trust in putting their project into hands of a specialist social media marketing agency in London as they know that all energy and efforts will go into making sure those social channels stand out and be as powerful as they can be.

We spend all day, every day focusing our efforts on our clients’ social media channels, whether this is managing their online communities and responding to messages, or sitting down as a team and brainstorming some simply awesome campaign ideas