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Inferno Media is one of London’s leading social media agencies, who regularly run social media training courses in the capital city. Our training workshops are designed for all sizes of businesses in London who wish to harness the power of social media to generate more customer engagement, leads, sales, and awareness of their products and services.

To see a full list of the courses that we offer please click here, otherwise continuing reading to find out how and why we do it, and whether or not our training will suit you.

The Workshop Sessions & Classes

During our workshop sessions we will demonstrate how you can create a fantastic online presence, as well as how to build a large and targeted following, and how to engage those followers into taking some form of action to benefit your business or company.

Our social media training courses in London are typically conducted in a classroom environment on a face-to-face basis, as we feel this enables attendees to learn as much as possible during the day’s training. The training courses can either take place on your premises, or at Inferno Media’s own offices.

All social media workshops will typically take place over one day and will be led by one of our in-house consultants. We can focus on the platforms that you wish to use, whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, or we can develop bespoke training and strategies to suit your business.

We can also extend these sessions at the client’s request. For an overview of what we can offer you please read below, and then contact us to book your own workshop.

Social Media Training Courses In London: Who Should Attend?

Inferno Media’s London social media training courses are designed for any person or collective group who work for a business or company in the capital city looking to leverage the power of social media marketing. If your company wishes to increase business performance, then our workshops will be invaluable to you and your business.

In the past we have trained small, medium and large company owners, as well as internal marketing teams, directors and solo entrepreneurs, with attendees from a diverse range of backgrounds and business sectors.

Social Media Workshop In London: What To Expect?

If you decide to attend one of our social media workshops in London, we can assure you will leave feeling well-equipped to deliver effective and results-driven social media campaigns for your business.

The workshops will give you ideas, plans, and tools with which you can build and execute social media strategies designed to increase your customer-base, as well as being able to measure the ROI from your efforts.

Building a brand’s social media presence should be a key ingredient for any company. With Inferno Media’s social media training in London, you will be fully-enabled to take your business to the next level on the social media platforms that are best suited to your customer-base.

We typically design a bespoke training package depending on what your business entails and who your target market is. We offer dynamic presentations, group discussions, case studies, and training on all the latest software – and all are strategies that you can implement from the start.

To find out more about how we can help you, and how a bespoke social media workshop in London can be designed for your business, please do get in touch with us today.

London Social Media Training Courses Available

To see a full list of the structured courses we offer, please visit our courses page. As a quick overview, we offer one and two-day social media training courses in London, which will all give you a solid introduction and plan for how social media can transform your business.

We can also offer in-house training and bespoke packages depending on your requirements and goals. All social media workshops that we run in London will provide you with a clear and focused plan so you know exactly what to do when you return to work.

No matter how big or small your business is, our social media training in London will enable you to discover your business’ potential.