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Social Media Promotion

In a digital age, it makes sense that when a new product is launching, it launches on social media first. Through the correct use of social media, you can create a social media promotion around a product, event or service before it has even become available, let alone reached public mass. By creating hashtags, countdowns and sneak previews, a new product can hit the ground running so to speak, and thus be an instant success. Consider festival lineups, when information is teased out slowly, enticing potential customers to stay tuned if they want to know more. Due to our niche knowledge and expertise, Inferno Media are able to generate the same sense of hype around whatever it may be that your company is launching, ensuring that customers are interested straight from the off.


In the days when traditional marketing were paramount, promotions were created once a product was available, and waited until there was a bite. Now with social media marketing, there is no waiting period; the absorption of information by customers doesn’t have to happen after launch and leave businesses sitting on edge. Inferno Media can viral market your products, events and services through social media so that your time is maximised and utilised in the manner that is most profitable for your company.

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