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Social Media Video

Social media experts anywhere will tell you that the next big concept to explode in the digital marketing industry is the use of video. Content with simply words is nowhere near as effective as copy with appealing imagery, yet the inclusion of a video in social posts is now deeming both of the former types of post almost redundant.

Consider the exposure gathered from seasonal trends such as the ALS ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’, raising money for Motor Neurone Disease. The reach gained from videos such as this was exponential – 12 million videos viewed 10 billion times (statistics as of January 2015) – and customers found themselves enamoured with brands when they got involved too.


But there’s no reason to wait for the next global video trend to arise; videos advertising your products, services, ethos or team members bring a three dimensional insight into your company and set your social media on fire.

Videos are particularly useful for venues who want to present their best features, or to demonstrate the different uses of a product.

One of the most important elements of video-making for social media is the authenticity of the piece. It is not critical for a video to be of the highest level in terms of technicality or professionalism, so long as it mimics the character of the brand, is engaging and shows off the content presented in a manner that is real, even if this may be more amateur.

Video can also be incredibly useful to interact with your customers, by asking them questions or for feedback that they can then comment on in response.

In short, video is taking over social media, and advertising your business through this tool can provide you with astronomical reach, especially when your network has been expanded already through the social media marketing services that we offer.

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